how long does viagra take to go into effect Musings of an mds patient monday, october 8, 2012 day 52 i last posted tuesday, september 25, day 39. I apologize to my loyal readers who depend upon the postings for updates. I have had two really bad weeks. I have felt horribly and have encountered challenges i cared not to have. In that last posting, i mentioned i was battling cold symptoms. Beginning thursday, september 27, i started having fevers and headaches. Early last week a rather violent cough developed. Saturday night, september 29, gosia and i spent three hours at the university of washington medical center transplant floor where they began the search for the fevers. I gave a urine sample, had a chest x-ray taken and my blood tested for bacterial and viral cultures. A few more tests and we came home. Last week at scca i had the following tests: bone marrow biopsy, ct scan from my heart to my pelvis, ultrasound of my liver, spleen and abdominal wall, much more blood work and a few more cultures of my nasal cavity and throat. As of yesterday morning, i have begun to feel better. The fevers and the headaches have abated. The cough has diminished. I have begun taking walks again. I am hoping for a relatively easy week. As you can see, my blood counts are all way down. Certain viruses can have this suppressive effect. But my doctors wanted a thorough look at my marrow. They want to be able to rule out that i am relapsing. Thus, the biopsy. It was last thursday so the most sensitive test results are still pending. Two tests are back. One shows no cancer cells and the other shows no viruses present in my marrow. The other results should come in later this week. It is still a mystery as to why my counts are dropping. It is also disconcerting. I had a transfusion of red blood cells saturday morning. Red cell transfusions are automatic when the hematocrit drops below 26 just as platelet transfusions are when they drop below 10. My doctor thought my liver was a bit enlarged. I have also managed to gain 15 pounds - all water weight. Water weight gain is another common characteristic of transplant recovery that i have, till now, managed to avoid. According to my nurses my 15 pounds is still nothing. The enlarged liver and the water weight gain were the reasons for the ct scan. It turns out, yes, my liver is slightly enlarged and the scan also generated a diagnosis of veno-occlusive disease, vod. viagra for sale cheapest generic viagra buy generic viagra buy viagra online cheap viagra online generic viagra online cheap generic viagra buy viagra online The disease is characterized by the small veins in the liver becoming obstructed due to the high dosages of chemo i received prior to the transplant. My doctors sai.